Welcome to the imgMAX's Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: What exactly is imgMAX.com?

A: imgMAX is a free, fully featured image hosting website. We offer an Abundance of privacy controls, uploads of up to 10MB per image, unlimited image upload/downloads, remote uploads, album organization, image & album embedding, keep or remove your EXIF data, a social media sharing platform, an API for user/developer automation, and much, much more.

Q: What does "imgMAX" mean?

A: imgMAX stands for Image MAX, as in we do our very best to offer you the max amount of options for your images.

Q: Can I hotlink images that I upload to imgMAX?

A: You sure can! We offer a variety of ways to share the content you upload.

Q: I have very large photos/images, what is the maximum file size you support?

A: You may upload photos/images that are up to 10MB in size.

Q: What photo/image formats do you support?

A: Presently you may upload .gif, .jpg, .jpeg & .png.

Q: Am I able to control who sees the photos/images I upload?

A: Absolutely! Each album you create can be configured as public, private (just you), private (anyone with the link) or password protected (You will need to provide the password to anyone whom you wish to be able view the album). All the photos/images added to an album will be controlled by the privacy settings you configured for the album in which you added the photos/images.

Q: How long will my photos/images be available after I upload them?

A: Forever if you want; with some exceptions of course. Let me explain, all photos/images you upload will remain hosted by us until such time that you remove them. The only exceptions are when you choose our timed auto delete option OR the original copyright holder (assuming it's not you) requests the photo/image to be removed OR when the photo/image violates United States law OR the photo/image violates our policies.

Q: How many photos/images am I allowed to upload?

A: You may upload as many as you like, we do not limit you!

Q: You are hosting an image on which I own the copyright to, how do I request it to be removed?

A: Please use our contact form HERE.

Q: Do you allow adult photos/images to be uploaded?

A: We sure do! BUT! You MUST choose "Flag as unsafe" for any content you upload which would be considered not safe for work (ie. anything you wouldn't want a child to see). Failure to do so will result in your image(s) being deleted.

Q: You mentioned that have an API?

A: We do! imgMAX supports the uploading of photos/images directly to our servers using our easy to use API. Our API allows developers to build imgMAX's image hosting capabilities directly into their project with only a few lines of code. Simply use our Contact Form letting us know you're interested and we'll send you all the information you need!

If you were undable to find the answer to your question, please use our contact page HERE.

We strive to respond to all queries within twelve (12) hours, however depending on volume it may take longer. We greatly appreciate your patience and we will do our utmost to respond to you as quickly as possible.